This document describes the features of the chatbot platform implemented recently for a leading leisure theme-park business in India. It also highlights the chatbot capabilities. “ANDY” is the name of the chatbot.
In the current version this chatbot has been developed as Flow-Based Chatbot.
Development work is in progress for the feature-enhanced NLP-Based Chatbot.

In the current version of Flow-Based chatbot following functionalities have been implemented.

  • The chatbot asks the user pre-determined questions and provide multiple choices as response which user selects.
  • The flow based chatbot is proactive, i.e. the chatbot initializes the conversation.
  • The conversation is guided by the chatbot.
  • Flow of the conversation can be changed via Content Management System (CMS)
  • The questions and their respective choices can be setup via CMS.

In the NLP-Based version which is being developed, following ML based functionalities have been included.

  • NLP based chatbot makes use of ML based training models for conversing users.
  • The conversation is two way between the chatbot and users, i.e. Both the users and chatbot are active participants in the conversation.
  • It converses seamlessly across multiple digital channels and retains data and context for a seamless experience. In best cases, passes that information to a live agent if needed.
  • Designed to integrate with critical systems and orchestrate workflows inside and outside of a third party system.
  • It can handle real-time action as routine as a password change, all the way through a complex multi-step workflow spanning multiple applications.
  • This chatbot can perform complex reasoning without human intervention.
  • Andy is Omnipresent – Can be integrated with websites and mobile apps.
  • Flow Driven – Currently Andy interacts with the user through a guided approach
  • CMS – The questions and their options asked by Andy can be setup using a centralised CMS.
  • Andy’s avatar can be changed too using this CMS.
  • Booking Engine Integrated – Andy is integrated with theme-park’s Booking Engine.
  • A guest/user can quickly and smoothly book a ticket.
  • Lead Generation – Andy can ask a user for his mobile number and use it as a lead in future.
  • Lead Conversion – Andy can also trace a user’s pattern of chat flow and maintain a report which can be used in lead conversion.

Enhancements in NLP-Based version

  • Implementation of NLP capabilities to understand the context of a conversation and to make conversations between Andy and users more linear, seamless and natural.
  • Andy can be pre trained to understand the brand specific knowledge and terms to resolve customer requests.
  • Andy will be able to recommend or suggest products (Park tickets) for a user based on previous interactions.
  • Andy will be converted into a full-fledged virtual customer service executive who will be able to book tickets, cancel tickets, resolve guests’ grievances and handle guests’ queries.
  • Data analytics can be used to understand users’/guests’ behavior and train Andy accordingly using NLP.