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We understand customers’ business is changing and evolving, with fewer layers of management, growing emphasis on their customer focus and greater productivity. This means that today's business environment is very different than it was just a few years ago. This new business environment demands more sophisticated and optimized technology than ever before, and technology being key enabler, success hinges on technology being agile, resilient, flexible and adaptable to the changing business environment.

STROBUS offers Technology Consulting services, leveraging deep industry knowledge in business and technology to reduce time and cost to deploy technology solutions.

Working consultatively enables:
  • Collaborative approach with customers to establish engagement to provide full range of Technology Consulting Services.
  • To work effectively with people at all levels
  • To identify opportunities to help customers to achieve their business goal thru Technology.
  • To use a strategic and collaborative communication process
  • To apply our expertise in ways that show our value to the business

Our Consulting Services

Our consulting service offerings focus on:
  • Technology Consulting
    • Study the business functions and processes, and present approach note/business case to implement appropriate technology solutions.
    • Identify, evaluate, implement and support the right technology solutions for the business initiatives.
    • Define IT Blueprint for scaling up technology platform to support business growth
    • Help the Customer IT to enable the business, and to define the value proposition.
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mission critical high available architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Program and Project Management

Our Approach

Phase-One: DISCOVER 
Discover Identify where the business needs to go, and create a technology strategy to help the business get there.
Evaluate Complete analysis of the company's technology portfolio and infrastructure.
Architect & Design Design a scalable solution leveraging existing IT assets to minimize environment impact.> Whiteboard a set of solutions and decide the path forward.
Engineer Produce a complete and optimized environment that ensures technology works for the business.

Phase-Two: DELIVER
Deliver Convert the conceptual technology design into a practical business solution.
Develop & Integrate Application development and systems integration. A focus on bringing together all the relevant components in order to launch.
Project Management Ensure the project hits target timelines and meets the highest standards of quality.

Case Studies

  • Trading Technology Systems

    Trading Technology Systems
    The client is a financial services firm, with full services investment bank with a Category-I merchant banking licence, and with impressive clientele, focusing Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Securities business.

    The client’s requirement was for setting up the technology and systems setup to cater to their business, with FO, MO, BO applications, Exchange Connectivity and FIX Connectivity systems.

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  • Technology Consulting

    Technology Consulting
    The client is an Indo-European financial services firm, providing full range of services in retail finance, mutual funds, securities and funds services combining global expertise and technology with local knowledge.

    The client’s requirement was for reviewing the business functions and systems, and to consolidate and deploy integrated systems in alignment with the business strategy and objectives.

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  • Implementation of HFT Trading Platform

    Implementation of HFT Trading Platform
    The client, a listed company on major stock exchanges, is a group consists of Equity, Derivative and Commodity trading entities with 20+ years of trading expertise in Indian capital markets.

    It has been one of the leading liquidity providers to the equity and derivative markets in India, and integrates risk-free trading and technology aimed at value creation. The Client has been one of the largest players in the market, and has been ranked among the top traders by the exchanges.

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  • High Availability Data Centre

    High Availability Data Centre
    The client is a financial application services firm, providing software solutions, involving complex event processing (CEP) and financial mathematics, to financial institutions across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Their expertise in financial services industry provided them with a unique insight into the complexities involved in providing the right technical analysis solutions for the international financial markets.

    The customer also has application products developed in heterogeneous technologies....

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  • Application Performance Benchmarking

    Application Performance Benchmarking
    The Client is an IT solutions provider specializing in financial services applications. It provides market leading software solutions to financial institutions in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

    With over 25 years of experience, the client’s breadth of knowledge in the financial services industry has provided them with a unique insight into the complexities involved in providing Trading, Clearing & Settlement, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Data & Customer Management..

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